Ced ActiveHi, I’m Ced Active. a hobbyist and passionate photographer from Cavite, Philippines. I never dreamed of becoming a photographer, though when I was in college I love taking photos using point and shoot camera.Photo editing is my first passion, I love photos and designs. Well, I used to be a web and graphic designer. I love working with graphics and layouts, collecting great photos on google became my hobby. I never thought that now, I can make photos that I used to download online. hehe

In May 2013, I started to use DSLR and learn photography. For me Photography is an art where I can express myself and ideas on the photos I make. I specialized on portraits, fashion and editorial photos. I always wanted to create artistic photos with feelings and tells a story.

Aside from being a photographer, I’m working as an I.T on weekdays. So I can only do photoshoots on weekends, holidays, and during my free time. Photography is my source of happiness and also my stress reliever after days of work. I enjoy doing solo photoshoots or with some of my close friends. Sometimes I also do collaboration shoot with some great photographers.

“Keep on shooting and do what you love” – Ced Active


People always ask me why “Ced Active”? Well, this is my code name I used back in College. I got this idea from my professor in programming/web developing whose code name is “Hayper Aktib”.  I thought I could be as great as him If I will put “Active” on my name. hehe


Each of his photos inspires everyone


As a portraitist myself, I know how draining it could be to come up with creative ideas on the spot; but this one guy makes everything seems so easy, that I usually find myself in awe on how he manage to give such flawless instructions to the muses in all of our collaborations! Considering that he just turned a year in photography, I’ve witnessed how he unknowingly surpassed everyone around him! Being such an open-minded, down-to-earth gentleman is the secret – and that’s Ced Active for y’all !!

Jerp Bremm
Portraitist, Capture Perfect Productions and Jirupu

Distinguishable, Eye-Catching


We had so much fun during our photo shoot with Ced. He made us feel so comfortable and he was so creative and open to ideas we had.The visual you imagine when you first create an idea is not often achieved unless Ced shoots for you. His images not only fulfill what you had in mind, they exceed it. Somehow, he sees what most people can’t and brings magic to even the most common setting. He makes my job easy. He is a gifted photographer, artist, and I’m sure you’ll love him too. What strikes me most about him is how he sees the world and how he captures its images. And that’s what sets him apart, he doesn’t just capture moments, he captures experiences, emotions and gives life to it. I can’t recommend him enough.

Jeany Macalima
Fashion / Editorial Model / Ze Models Manila

One of the best out there.


Ever since seeing his works through a mutual friend, i became an instant admirer of Ced’s masterpieces and I can say without a doubt that he is one of the best if not the best at his style of photography. His works are those types that keeps you saying “more” “more” please. His images are captivating and I am really happy i got to meet him in person and really got to see his off-the-camera side and in all honesty Ced is one of the most down to earth photographers I have ever met.. Keep up the good works bro

Leeroy Leeks Xtoniq

Imagination beyond compare


Breaking the rules of photography – that is what he usually does. He always tests the limits of his imagination not minding a single negativity around him. He has this light that has is continuously burning inside him. Fueled by his passion, he always has something new to give and something great to look out for. An awesome photographer and a great friend, that is Ced Active for me. 🙂

Den Montero
Photographer / Den Montero Photography

An Artist Beyond His Gears


First time I saw Ced’s work my impression was this dude must be packin a good set of full frame cameras and a nifty pro level lens. And then the time came when I get to shoot with him and he’s like carrying a Nikon D7000 (if I’m not mistaken) and a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 with a healthy community of fungi living inside it. And I was blown away just then and there. Ced is a testament to the saying “A Photographer can never be measured by his gears”. And just when I thought I’ve seen it all, expecting the next set of photos will be as dark, as toned and colored as the first last one he goes out and drops the best colors you can possibly put on your image. The only thing that bothers me about Ced is he speaks really slow. Hahaha!! But overall he’s a very awesome dude!! Very fun to work with.

Roy Howi A. Ramallosa
Cinematographer/ The Jawiman Concept

“I never knew that local photographers would really be this good…”


“I never knew that local photographers would really be this good…” — this was my first reaction after seeing Ced Active’s works. He set a new standard in photography. Nowadays, people would just name themselves “photographers” by buying professional cameras and taking photos of anything they see. That’s why many looked down in this industry. But as I see Ced and his works, he proved that it really takes guts to be called as one. I hope he’ll get more opportunities to share his works and would inspire more with his deep thoughts.

Carlo Jay Frias Ruiz
Writer and College Instructor

Ced is one of my favorite photographer


I can say that Ced is one of my favorite photographers. He’s very professional and dedicated to his works. He always see to it that his models would appreciate his shots. Ced was not only a photographer who invited me to be his model but also became a good friend to me, it was my pleasure though. Hoping to work again with you Ced, continue capturing best and unique art subjects.

Aira Aliwalas
Freelance Model

An artistic photographer


I really admire Ced Active. Why? It’s because of how he creates compositions on the pictures and also in editing. I really admire his vintage edit type because of the exact mix of what he did to his pictures. Kudos to you sir! You inspire more aspiring photographers in the Philippines. God bless to you!

Nico Rey-Hipolito
Freelance Photographer and Musician in Ccf Alabang

Binigay nang Diyos ang Talento ko 🙂


Hinde ko pa nakikita si sensei CED nang personal pero ngayon palang naniniwala nako na marami siyang matutulungan kapwa manlilitrato dahil siya ay mabaet. Hinde mayabang, malupet!, mapagamahagi sa mga kapwa. Sensei Ced patuloy mulang po Godbless ^^

Marvin Montenegro
Manlilitrato / IMAHENATION Photography

“He doesn’t just make a photo, he makes a masterpiece.”


It’s really a pleasure to meet a humble photographer just like Ced. I met him in an open shoot event, quiet and shy at first, but his photography skills and works defines how he is as a photographer. His photo works are simply exquisite! More powers! Looking forward for more breathtaking and creepy photos. Hope to work with you soon! So let’s make things simple CED – Creative, Enthusiastic, and Depth.

Merryl A. Garcia

A Very Keen Photographer


Cedrick is an artistic type of photographer who loves to splash more ideas to his masterpiece and never stops on learning more things to upgrade his artworks. His different type of concepts have gone wild because of attractive tones that also provides relief to the eyes of people. I’m so grateful to be his close friend and good pal when it comes to this kind of hobby. I hope he will receive more greatness to his good deeds.

Dani Josef Cortez
Architect/Interior Designer/Photographer

Fierce, Fearless & Creative Works..!

misby sexy mom

I met Ced at the Fppf (Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation). We attended the basic & strobist photography workshop. First impression? happy go lucky amateur photographer!… but as time goes by Ced became a dedicated to the craft of photography.. never fear to make a new breathtaking concepts and try imaginative ideas. A fine arts photographer and story teller as well because he creates a photograph that matches the original illustration and successfully telling the story that he wanted to put in the picture. Two thumbs up for you Ced! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and talents.. So proud of you.. Keep it up and more power!

Misby Evans
Hobbyist Photographer

Beautiful beyond imagination


Ced takes amazing photographs! He can turn the mundane into something captivating, the plain into something exciting! It still amazes me as how great his photos look and how he stays humble about it. This guy works like a professional though working with him just feels like old friends catching up for coffee! Cheers and more power to you!

Isis Tan
Freelance Model / IT

I see him as young vibrant creative talent


I knew Ced for a day and seeing him how he grinds on location shows dedication and focus to his craft yet bring in the fun to creating art. I see him as young vibrant creative talent who wears this big heart of a true artist producing fresh and bewildering original images of his time. His work in photography and his social bearings gives inspiration to many… and that is only for One Day where I was favorably invited for a shoot.

Paul John Tavera
Photographer / Entrepreneur / Commercial, General Manager of a leading ISP in Kabul, Afghanistan

Photographer to look up to


Sir Ced was one of the photographers i really admire! I commend him for his mysterious-like photographs. Taking pictures is not only your job but you are capturing every moment of pain, sorrow, failure, joy, success and happiness. I have so much enjoyed working with you and look forward to being able to do so again in the near future sir..

Irish Belleza
Freelance Model/Accounting Assistant

Exquisite, Eclectic, Classic, Lovely


Ced’s work captivates the eyes of many through it’s flawless portraitures. The tones and his images brings back a classic, retro look that’s well balanced and vibrant to the viewers. A passionate and hardworking photographer who takes his art seriously and pushes it to the next level each and every shoot. A good friend and fellow music lover. Hoping to collaborate with photoshoots again with you Ced!

JanJan Capili
Photographer / Musician / Freelance Web Developer / Aspiring Geek

Ced Active is one of the most talented photographer I met


Ced Active is one of the most talented photographer I met. His skills in photography no questions asked, two thumbs up! He inspires others and share his knowledge. He’s very passionate in his craft, every photo tells a story. He inspires me to do portrait photography, he’s a good friend as well. Keep on shooting! more collaboration.

Nhoileen Maypa
Sales and Marketing, Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

He soars high… with feet still on the ground…..


Ced, besides being a good friend, is a true example of humble artist. He soars high, with feet still on the ground. His artwork (photographs) reveals the true meaning of passion on what he was doing. He can make a simple photo to a mind-blowing masterpiece of ART. looking at his work is like reading a novel with a great story. The drama, the concept, the story, truly defines his works…….as well as HIMSELF….

Makoy Flores
Hobbyist Photographer

Ced Active is the king of horror themes


First, Ced Active made my dream shoot come true which is somewhat horror. I know his skills based on photos he uploads. But when we had our collaboration and saw the outcomes, he surpassed my expectations. He made me frightened of my own photos. His works that I uploaded in my deviantart (dA) account are being added to favourites by other dA artists and featured in dA pages. He’s totally freakin’ awesome that other photographers should watch out for.

Florence Hipolito
Model and Cosplayer

A photographer who inspire other photographers


I really admire the works of Ced Active. He is a great photographer. His work inspires me to shoot more. He has his own angle and creativity. We shoot together sometimes when me and my fellow photographers collaborate. Hoping to collaborate with you again master Ced. More shoot, more power. Always be humble. God bless you always.

Sir-andrei Liwanag
Photographer, Mikhail-andrei Photography